Winter Food Trends 2019/20

20 Nov 2019 | Categories: Food trends, Product News

By Ellie Coughlan | Development Chef |

| The ‘Humble’ Sarnie |

The humble sarnie has been taken up a notch. Sandwiches are an unavoidable part of the day in the UK, as a whopping one third of Brits even admit to eating the same lunch every single day (source:

Sons + Daughters, a new all day sandwich shop in King’s Cross, offers carefully engineered sarnies on steroids. Expect combinations such as sriracha salt French fries and egg miso mayo butties piled with truffle crisps. It’s worth also mentioning Bodega Rita’s which is actually within throwing distance of Sons + Daughters and serves New York style subs. For example, a golden curry coronation chicken with apricots, almonds, lime pickle, cucumber, mint and a sweet chilli dust.

These are more than your average sarnie!

| Instagrammable |

Hate to say it. But yes, it really is a trend. We are heavily influenced by the foodie social media platform. Sometimes too much, but there’s no denying that social media plays a part in the latest trends, and is great advertising for restaurants. If you’re heading out for a meal, it’s great to check their Instagram to get an idea of the different meals they serve, and to pick what you might have (I know I’m not the only one!) Expect even more food photos to flood our screens, and in particular sharing plates.

| Recipe Boxes |

Not only do they save you a trip to the shops, provide you with foodie inspiration and ensure you don’t waste any food (as everything is pre-weighed!) they’re the ultimate convenience with everything delivered straight to your door. Each brand is very different, depending on what you want, but the idea is the same. This allows families to try new cuisines and get in the kitchen more which has got to be a good thing. Joe Wicks, aka ‘The Body Coach’ has now invested his own money into Gousto which is only going to boost the exposure.

| Premium Freezer Food |

Driven by convenience, and mainly as a solution to food waste. Our freezers are able to provide consumers with high quality home versions of trendsetting dishes they are seeing on restaurant menus. This offers consumers the ability to be more adventurous with cooking, by easily adding extra ingredients with minimal effort.

More often than not, the freezer was an unhealthy choice, with chips, chicken dippers and fish fingers. Along with the huge bag of peas which takes up one shelf. But now healthy solutions of prepped veg, which claim they are just as fresh, or ‘fresh frozen’ line the aisles. Ice cream has been a
driver within this too, with a huge increase of offerings, along with the trendy gelato and dairy free options. Expect an increase in premium ready meals, prepped veg and luxury desserts.

| Zero Waste Cooking |

The downside to creating so much convenience and choice is the waste that goes with it. Which is why restaurants such as Silo are so trendy right now. The concept is similar to past trends of ‘nose to tail’ and ‘root to stem’. While getting rid of all waste is sometimes unfeasible, the purpose of zero-waste cooking as a practice is to get as close to that ideal as possible. Chefs are training themselves to not only use the whole animal or veg, but clever ways to use the leftovers.

Hotpoint launched a #eatyourfridge challenge with Jamie Oliver. They asked consumers to have a week of mindful cooking with zero edible food waste. Eating root to stem where possible and committing to reducing your food waste at home. Many well know ‘foodies’ took part in the challenge to spread awareness for consumers at home.

| Plant Based Progress |

It’s hard to condense plant based progress into a short paragraph. You only have to read a few articles to be bombarded with facts and figures about how much this has grown over the last couple of years. Now firmly mainstream, vegan food is HUGE.

Last year the UK launched more vegan products than any other nation (source: and unlike other trends, which start in restaurants and trickle down into retail, you could argue that the retailers are overtaking the restaurants and launching more and more products by the week. Expect to see more vegan books, vegan menus, vegan based restaurants, vegan documentaries. The list goes on.