Spring Trend Report

02 Jun 2021 | Categories: Food trends

Modern Italian

You might be staying local, but you’re eating globally. It seems that Italian food is making a comeback. Souschef.com reported huge increases in ‘00’ pasta flour and tinned tomatoes, suggesting that some of us were upgrading our pantry basics and making Italian classics. Perhaps its our new found appreciation for the simple things that is leading us to revisit this cuisine and explore how it’s being modernised.

To feed our Italian cravings, ‘Eataly’ is opening in London at Bishopsgate on 29th April which will consist of 2 floors, 3 restaurants, 6 eateries and over 5,000 products to buy! This is a huge launch from a global brand and will inject the quality and authenticity of Italian gastronomy in London.


Fire Cooking

From understanding the differences in smoked, burnt, roast, caramelized and charred, to experimenting with different types of woods – we’re all levelling up our barbecue skills. This was increasing in popularity even before the pandemic, but because of the focus on cooking skills with more time at home this trend has been accelerated.

With grill manufacturers and retailers reported great sales in 2020, along with a year of practice under their belts, new grillers have more confidence then ever before. Expect to also see fire flavours creeping into different areas such as condiments and desserts.


Less Meat, More Plants

Reduce, rather than eliminate is all about finding this middle ground. Although many on strictly plant-based diets would prefer to see carnivores giving up their precious meat, it is not likely to happen. Environmental concerns will continue to drive greater adoption of plant-based diets. Consumers’ conceptions of plant-based diets vary. Some say a plant-based diet is a vegan diet, while others define it as a diet that emphasizes minimally processed foods that come from plants, with limited consumption of animal meat, eggs and dairy. 

Brand giants such as Greggs and Burger King are still adding vegan options to their menus, along with Gousto and Hello fresh having more plant based options then ever before. Whilst the retailers make even more room on their shelves for the new plant-based innovations. Expect to see this middle ground, where products are ‘accidently vegan’ but maybe just don’t shout about it.


Luxury Breakfasts

Most people (not everyone) have more time at home, particularly if their commutes have been cut down. This means breakfasts have been getting more attention after always being seen as a grab & go option. Whether you were working from home at some point over the pandemic, or you just have a bit more time on your hands, it seems more of us are paying attention and making that extra effort for our first meal of the day.

In particular, the beige basics such as croissants, bagels and crumpets have had both luxury and novelty makeovers.


Intuitive Eating

Fad diets and get-thin-quick regimens will continue to lose popularity, replaced by more holistic and sustainable concepts like intuitive eating, which rejects many of the beliefs of fad diets like “good foods” and “bad foods.” The “un-diet” will focus less on food restrictions and more on natural cues our body gives us, like when we are full, and on healthier relationships with food overall. 

Food and beverage manufactures that have historically relied on weight-loss or diet related messaging to boost sales, particularly around January may need to consider a different approach. The 2019 Food and Health Survey found that 49% of those age 18-34 are familiar with mindful and intuitive eating, while only 27% of consumers over 50 have heard of the terms.

Food Manufacture

Restaurant Kits


The tandoor is at the very heart of our cuisine at Brigadiers – it is the largest section on the menu and we have enormous pride in the variety and range of tandoor dishes available. This meal box has all of the components you need to prepare a Brigadiers Mixed Grill feast at home, featuring some of our signature and most-loved tandoori dishes from the restaurant.
Including Goat Tikka Bun Kebabs, Original BBQ Butter Chicken Wings and more!

Serves 4 – £100 {restokit.co.uk}


Beef Wellington at Home Kit

Along with banana bread, sourdough and pizza, there was an explosion of Beef Wellingtons over social media the last few months. A favourite luxury dish around valentines, consumers have been flexing their skills and creating these pastry dinners.

It was only right that Gordon Ramsey jumped on the restaurant kit band wagon, with a luxury version including everything you need to recreate the perfect welly at home.

Serves 2 – £75 {restaurantkits.com}


Chef Calum Franklin’s Pie Kit – Chicken and Shiitake Pie

Highly anticipated, the first kit from Calum Franklin is a latticed chicken and shiitake pie. You were even able to get your hands on the Falcon dish and lattice roller in some of the earlier kits. To make things even easier, they’ve made the filling for you so you can focus on watching the tutorial video and learning exactly how to make these famous pies. Included is the pre cooked chicken & shiitake mix, a bag of slow cooked carrots In cumin butter and a bag of clapshot to serve on the side. Expect to see a few more flavours released from Calum Franklin over the coming months.

Serves 4 – £45 {restaurantkits.com}


Shoryu Ganso Ramen Kit

The kits come with everything you need to turn yourself into a ramen master and make awesome Shoryu at home – from original hosomen noodles, 12-hour bangin’ tonkotsu soup stock, all important toppings and step by step instructions, it’s all in the kits. Get ready to create one hell of an authentic Shoryu experience in your own kitchen in just 10 mins. 

Serves 2 – £22 {restokit.co.uk}


Inspirational Cook Books

My Shanghai – by Betty Liu

‘Experience the sublime beauty and flavour of one of the oldest and most delicious cuisines on earth: the food of Shanghai, China’s most exciting city, in this evocative, colourful gastronomic tour that features 100 recipes, stories, and more than 150 spectacular colour photographs.’ – Waterstones

Release date – 13/05/2021

The Mexican Home Kitchen – By Mely Martinez

‘The long-awaited, best-selling cookbook from Mely Martinez, The Mexican Home Kitchen compiles the traditional home-style dishes enjoyed every day in Mexican households, with influences from states like Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Veracruz, Puebla, Estado de Mexico, and Yucatan.’ – Waterstones

Release date – out now

Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ – By Rodney Scott & Lolis Eric Elie

‘In the first cookbook by a pitmaster, James Beard Award-winning chef Rodney Scott celebrates an incredible culinary legacy through his life story, family traditions, and unmatched dedication to his craft.’ – Waterstones

Release date – out now

Great British Vegan – Aimee Ryan

‘A plant-based cookbook that is both inventive and comforting, Great British Vegan contains a host of mouth-watering recipes perfect for vegans and flexitarians alike.’  Waterstones

Release date – out now

Root – By Rob Howell

‘Featuring over a hundred sumptuous recipes to satisfy omnivores, vegetarians and anyone with a sweet tooth, Howell’s inspiring and beautifully presented book places vegetables centre stage and celebrates sustainable cooking.’ Waterstones

Release date – out now

One Pot, Pan, Planet – Anna Jones

‘Pioneering and endlessly inventive, the award-winning Anna Jones is one of the nation’s most respected cooks and, in the sleek, gorgeously produced One, she provides a broad range of exotic global cuisine, all vegetarian and vegan, geared to minimise waste and maximise taste.’ Waterstones

Release date – out now

By Ellie Coughlan – @chefelliecoughlan