Valentine’s Pepper

01 Apr 2019 | Categories: Product News

One of the UK’s leading food ingredient manufacturers hits a significant milestone this month. The Flavourworks will be celebrating the launch of its 3,000th new product. Appropriately enough for Valentine’s Day, it’s a pink peppercorn heart – specially designed to be served lovingly melted over a sirloin steak for that special evening.


Tanky Winner

01 Apr 2019 | Categories: Events

The Flavourworks has a winner in its Tanky McTankface design competition. It’s Steve Willison, who works there as a deputy supervisor. He and his entire family spent most of the last few months drawing up ideas to improve the appearance of the company’s liquid nitrogen tank, so it was quite a team effort. As a result the company is paying for them all to have a meal out at the Wagtail in Wincanton as the prize. Officially it will be called the Flavourtank, but fondly known as Tanky.


Not Tanky McTankface!

19 Sep 2018 | Categories: Events

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Markus Products is changing!

07 Jun 2018 | Categories: Events, Product News

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New Saucing Portions

13 Jan 2017 | Categories: Uncategorised

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NEW Quenelle Portion

21 Nov 2016 | Categories: Product News

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