Mezze of Flavours

21 Apr 2021 | Categories: Food trends, Product News

Over the coming months Middle-Eastern cuisines and flavours will be very apparent in the retailers. This exciting and varied food culture is based around large get-togethers with family and friends, all at one table, enjoying a meal and socialising with each other. 

What better way to spend new found time with family and friends than with a mezze of bright coloured pickles, fresh salads drizzled with exotic, middle-eastern spiced dressings and dipping torn, warm pittas into decadent dips, barbequing marinated Kebabs or diving into large comforting tagines?

With reducing social restrictions, the Creative Flavour Team took the opportunity to come together and enjoy, not only each other’s company for the first time in months, but to taste and discover Lebanese foods and cultures, learning what makes this age-old cuisine so unique.


At The Flavourworks, we work really hard at being the most innovative and flexible ingredients supplier in the industry. We want to be the first call when our customer thinks about creating a new meal idea. Whether it’s a straightforward garlic butter, or a complex umami soy glaze, we pride ourselves on always using ethically sourced ingredients.

If you would like to sample any of our favourite recipes or discuss your Middle Eastern brief please email the Creative Flavour Team at

We are always happy to discuss your latest brief, help with flavour ideas, trends and provide samples.