Markus Products is changing!

07 Jun 2018 | Categories: Events, Product News

It’s the start of big changes ahead for us, with a fresh look and a flavoursome new name. Markus Products is to become “The Flavourworks”, in a move which we hope will bring our ideas to a wider audience. Already known as a foodie secret in the west country, our new managing director aims to make us as famous as previous companies he has worked for.

Chris Ormrod, formerly of The Ministry of Cake, Ginsters and Virgin, also plans to expand the product range. We currently make flavoured butters, sauces, marinades, glazes, crumb toppings and rubs for pre-prepared gourmet meals – supplying more than 100 customers, including all the UK’s major supermarkets.

Chris says: “Our view is that every amazing dish begins with inspirational ingredients and I want our new name to tell people exactly what we do.

“I chose The Flavourworks because every customer I have met talked about the incredible diversity and depth of flavours we are able to make here. New products are right at the heart of our business – in the last year alone we sent out over 5,000 new flavour ideas, that’s more than 100 every week. Each of those flavours was created, tried, tested and then individually hand made by our dedicated development team. This week alone I tried some great ideas ranging from a pulled pork coating, a Thai sriracha sauce through to a wild garlic butter using proper Cornish butter and seasalt. With three million portions delivered every week we are essential component manufacturers to the food industry – I like to think of us as the Google of the food world and I now want more people to know about what we create.”

To inject some fun into the business Chris is also giving his team new job titles such as Chief Flavourista, Professor of Flavourology, Head Plate Spinner and Chief Bean Counter. The development kitchen has become the Flavour Academy, with a funky new look and a state of the art customer demo area.

Chris says: “My title is simple, I am the Chief Flavourista and I get to try all these amazing foods every day – who could ask for a better job than that?”