Life and times of Chris Baker – 10 years at Markus!

26 Feb 2015 | Categories: Staff News

I joined the NPD kitchen to cover maternity leave in March 2005 and continued to work with Shelley and the team until June 2006, I was then offered an internal promotion.

The internal promotion gave me the opportunity to move into technical (which I love) as a raw materials technologist, I already had a technical back ground from my previous role, before joining Markus.

In October 2007, the technical manager left and I was, again, offered the opportunity of an internal promotion which happily accepted.

With guidance from Andy Keating and the other directors, I have continued to grow the department, from the start in 2007 of myself and my QA – Alison R.

Anna K joined me in June 2011 as my invaluable Technical Assistant, Gary S then followed as Process Technologist (his factory knowledge is well used in Jan 2012). The QA team expanded with the addition of Ania and Magda (both from the factory) over the next couple of years, with Ash H as the latest addition as my Specification Technologist.

As the business continues to grow, the technical requirements continue to be challenging and the team that I have around me continue to grow in their roles. This allows me more time to focus on the future of the department and the needs of the ever growing Markus”.