Get to know our Flavoursome staff

18 Jun 2019 | Categories: Staff News

First in the series: David Sherring our Professor of Flavourology.

“I started playing the ukulele when I was 10 years of age, thanks to my dad who had been playing for years. I joined the Shepton Mallet Ukulele Group (SMUG) last September and we meet up each week to practice.

We are often asked to perform publicly, but I wouldn’t say we are anywhere near being ready for the Glastonbury Festival! We do it for fun! Here is my collection of ukes (not sure what the collective noun is for ukuleles – perhaps a strum?)

The uke on the left I have had since I was 10, the ukulele banjo in the middle is my Dads, which he bought in 1942, and on the right is an Hawaiian Kanile’a Islander, a concert ukulele which I bought last year.”