Christmas 2020 Trend Report

03 Feb 2021 | Categories: Food trends

By Ellie Coughlan – Head Development Chef

The Unpredictable Christmas

After a turbulent year, a usually predictable Christmas became a little unpredictable.

The expectation for restaurant quality food remained, and consumers wanted to still make their Christmas special no matter how small.

Plant-based main dishes increased in presence on the shelf, along with more party food offerings for those looking for meat alternatives. It seemed the phrase ‘Traditional with a Twist’  has been shortened, and it was clear the main driver this year was traditional. No surprises.

‘Reganuary’ – Regenerative Agriculture

Whether you’re vegan or omnivore, ‘Regenuary’ is all about eating foods that are local, seasonal and farmed using regenerative methods. Regenerative agriculture is a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming systems. It focuses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycle, enhancing ecosystem services and strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil. Sounds good right? It’s a complicated topic, but worth researching about.

Michelin guide are offering a new accolade; The Michelin Green Star which supports sustainability and recognises restaurants with a focus on environmental practices.

Supercharged Sarnies

Primarily an Instagram trend, foodies are snapping these supercharged sarnies stuffed to the brim with filling and slapped in-between artisan bread. Pictured in the same way for the perfect cross section view of the OTT filling. Flavours range from the humble fish finger to slow cooked pork belly and kimchi. Over at Impeccable Sandwiches, they’ve been serving up their ‘Chori Papi’ – chorizo verde, burnt jalapeño hot sauce, garlic, Tajin home fries, shredded Iceberg, coriander cream and even more coriander and jalapeños. Drool!


Plant Based Boom

It’s hard to keep on top of the progress within plant based eating. The retailer shelves have been brimming with new condiment choices, in particular ‘mayo’ based products with flavours like peri peri and classic garlic. What’s become apparent is the amount of flexitarian consumers who are looking to make a few simple switches – as long as it matches up to their original flavour expectations of course! There are more and more reviews similar to ‘I’m not even vegan, and I love it’. In particular with Pret’s meatless meatball wrap and M&S’s New York Style No Beef Pretzel. Keep an eye out for even more launches aimed at flexitarians from January to March (and beyond!)


The Evolution of Home Delivery Kits

Experience kits ranging from burgers, pasta’s, fried chicken, boa buns,  Sri Lankan, Indian, pizza, ramen, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Sunday roast dinners and even to fine dining have been a part of our eating experiences for a long time now with no signs of slowing down. The kits seem to be getting better and better, and offers the chance for customers to taste restaurant quality food in the comfort of their own home. Pizza Pilgrims have expanded their range since the first lockdown, now boasting 5 different frying pan pizzas to choose from including a sweet option of a Nutella ring. Whilst Pasture in Bristol  are offering live cook-a-longs for a 3 course dinner and a bottle of wine – staying in just got better.


Restaurant Kits

Mac & Wild Christmas burger kit: Pork stuffing, venison patty, melted brie, red cabbage and creamy sprout tops. All of that doubled for the sloppiest of festive date nights.

Mac & Wild is a collection of Scottish Restaurants & Online Butcher committed to showcasing the incredible produce from the Scottish Highlands.

Serves 2 – £30

{Christmas Special Only, look out for other kit offerings}


Flank – Tom Griffiths

Tom Griffith’s is proud to present his 3 course kiev kit starting with Baked Camembert with toffee apple sauce and frazzle cracking crumble and crackers, truffle chicken kiev with creamy mash and finally, baked Madeleines with salted caramel dip and popcorn crumble.

Serves 2 – £30

{Available now}



Norma are constantly expanding their feasting box offerings. They range from The Feasting Box for Two, Veganuary Feasting Box and even a Valentines special featuring four gourmet courses, petit fours, a blood orange spritz, Marsala and a bottle of Italian wine!

Norma is a contemporary and vibrant restaurant, inspired by the food and culture of Sicily with particular emphasis on the Moorish influences of the island’s cuisine, with the celebrated chef, Ben Tish at the helm.

Serves 2 – £70 – £175

{Available now}


Inspirational Cook Books

Parwana –Durkhanai Avubi

These fragrant and flavourful recipes weave together family history Afghan recipes passed down through generations, Parwana is a celebration of delicious dishes and the memories they hold.  

Vegetarian Chinese Soul Food  –  Hsiao-Ching Chou (to be released March 2021)

Following on from ‘Chinese soul food’, this vegetarian option offers more comfort food you can’t resist, with authentic recipes you can easily make in your own kitchen.

The Hand and Flowers Cookbook – Tom Kerridge

Kerridge’s stunning new (long awaited!) cookbook shares the most delicious dishes from the menus of his extraordinary two-Michelin-star pub. The Hand & Flowers is the first and only pub in the world to acquire two Michelin stars.

The Bull & Last

Head chef Ollie Pudney has pulled together a menu that reflects the values and ethics of local suppliers from farmers and fishmongers to greengrocers and local shops, all of whom are as committed to and passionate about seasonal British food for this much loved London pub.

Pizza –  Pizza Pilgrims

As you would expect , this book is filled with all things pizza from the history, family tree, world famous pizzerias and exploring pizza variants. James and Thom Elliot are offering a slice of all their research. 

7 Ways – Jamie Oliver

Jamie returns with a no-nonsense, brilliantly accessible new cookbook based around seven ways to cook eighteen hero ingredients with 120 new recipes.