Firstly, the obligatory history bit – we started life 31st March 1989 as a garlic spread manufacturer called Markus Products.  Life was a bit calmer then, the world was listening to Jason Donovan sing “Too Many Broken Hearts” and watching Indiana Jones in “The Last Crusade”.

History lesson over, into the DeLorean and fast forward to today where we have transformed into The Flavourworks and  become one of the most innovative food ingredient suppliers in the UK.  Our range of products has moved well beyond garlic spreads and we now make flavoured butters, sauces, marinades, glazes, crumbs, toppings, the list goes on, for most of the major UK food manufacturers.

Every week we produce enough ingredients for around 3,000,000 meals, we send out hundreds of products samples and we are busy launching a decent number of new lines.  It keeps us busy, and it’s a big part of who we are.