Steaks and butters
Marinated tofu

Who We Are

Working with leading food manufacturers, we’re the people behind those luxurious sauces and toppings you see in the best TV food adverts. Come to us for a complete bespoke service, taking an initial brief to the highest level of innovative cooking. If you’re looking for inspiration for new product lines, our developers can help guide you with trend rationale to launch a new product.

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Marinated tofu
meatfree stuffings
Corn with chimmichurri sauce

What We Do

With more than 100 key customers in UK and Europe, we’re the essential component in everyone’s food production process. Sauces, toppings, butters and gravies – where would any dish be without us? We send out 5,000 new ideas every year – that’s more than 100 every week – each one has been individually made by a dedicated team in our kitchens.

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dessert sauces

The Team

Everyone who works for us is a foodie, even the Finance Department (especially them) – so we care deeply about what we do. This means our service to you is personalised and as a valued customer you will have exclusive insights into our detailed retail research and invites to our regular chefs’ live kitchen workshops to see the latest development ideas in action.

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Did you know?

Every week we launch five new lines, send over 100 samples to customers and make 3,000,000 ingredients for meals.

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